Attack The Darkness

In remembrance of a Heva

The First to fall

Carried high through the successes against the ancient evil that corrupted the Dimmerhorn – the heroes from the Easterly Inn (accompanied by the savage swamp hobbit, Flea and the man known as Lifstan) had to toil to bring home the treasures from that forsaken place. The fight against that dark wight was hard-fought, but knowing that the evil was – it not purged completely – definitely set back, helped lighten the mood as they had to creep back through swamp and field back to their homes.

Soon Autumn turned Winter – and the fellowship occupied itself in their own pursuits. Of note, Heva made quick friends with that swamp-footed hobbit, Flea, and the other newest member of the fellowship through their combined efforts at the Woodsmen’s games. The trio made their impression – for better or worse – in the games, but more importantly a bond was grown between them for their struggles.

Meanwhile work continued at the Inn, growing its base – expanding the fields around it – and making trade flow like the stories told by Falco by the fire with his pipe a piping.

But heroes may never be so rested or idle, it seemed, and soon enough dire news reached them of increasing aggression by oversized arachnids in the Mirkwood, this time attacking across a river that had previously been something of a border for them. Never ones to shy from lending a hand – the fellowship mounted an expedition to take the fight to the spiders of the Mirkwood, fighting a child of Shelob in the process!

The journey was long and full of perils – as were the fellowships previous treks through this toughest of woods – and took its toll on the spirit of the fellowship. So much so that when the battle against the spiders was finally joined, it was a task just to chase off the biggest of the threats.

Sadly, the bravest of the fellows – the warrioress known to her friends as Heva of Stony Ford – fell to the foul toxins of the spiderfoe as she bravely gave her life to save those of her friends. With the giant princess’ final gasping breath she was still cursing at the darkness that consumed her.

In the woods, miserable, weary, and surrounded by foes – our heroes have little time to mourn the loss of their companion…


What’s a Heva, can you eat it?

In remembrance of a Heva

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