Falco Strangefoot

Everybody's favorite hobbit sidekick.


As scruffy looking Hobbit. Falco has six toes on his left foot – thence the family moniker. Years of adventuring have done little to trim down his belly, for he is well fed a his inn whenever he settles down again. He is never seen without his pipe, and he keeps it lit as often as he can.


The son of a pig farmer and a bearded lady. Falco’s adventuring days began when he got lost delivering a cartload of manure to Hobbitton, and somehow ended up in Bree instead. There he met a strange Dunadan who would only identify himself as Hunter. Both had to leave town in a hurry when Falco mistakenly emptied his cart in the canal that the washerwomen used for laundry. Thus a life of adventuring began.

Falco does not outwardly seem to have suffered much from his exposure to the Shadow or the horrors the Big Folk can perpetrate upon one another – but whenever there is treasure to be found or acquired he always pushes his way to the front of the line, and in the pursuit of riches he would go to lengths that would seem quite unseemly for a “proper” Hobbit of the Shire. He is showing a very un-Hobbit-like drive in expanding his little pipe weed business.

For all that, he’s still a merry companion and will go out of his way to lift the fellowship’s morale with some fiddle and good cheer whenever times seem hard.

Falco recently wrote a Will in case something were to happen to him.

Falco Strangefoot

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