A dark haired man with gray eyes wearing well-worn travel garb of indistinct color.


At a score and five years the people of Westernesse are come into their majority. This tradition is still kept among the folk from which Hunter springs. He was born in the Lone-lands and raised among his kinfolk in the Rangers (called by some the Dunedain) and taught the lore of his people and brought to Rivendell by secret paths. Once the count of his years reached a score and five he was tasked by his kinsmen, chief among them his father and his uncle, Halbarad, to venture East beyond the Misty Mountains and seek there some wisdom to be an aid to his people in their watch on the Lone-lands.

Thus came the young Ranger into Rhovanion where when asked who he was by the people of Esgaroth on the Long Lake, he told them, “I am a Hunter… I seek to find what’s left behind by those who came before…”

He has also been heard to say, “I hunt the things that fill men’s hearts with fear.”

Long ago, in the days when the King of Fornost still ruled over what remained of Elendil’s kingdom in the North, he granted lands to the Hobbits from the Gladden Fields. These lands the little folk called The Shire in lands they have since named the North Farthing. Among these people were folk called Strangefoots and they carried a special heirloom with them from the days before the Wave wrought the world anew into Middle-Earth as it now is known. Due to some service whose tale has since been lost this heirloom was given over to the possession of Hunter’s ancestors who accepted it in exchange for a boon owed the Strangefoots. Many scores the lives of men and hobbits have since passed and so has the heirloom and the boon fallen upon Hunter who now watches over a Strangefoot scion, the hobbit adventurer known as Falco. This watch has brought Hunter far to the east past Mirkwood and back to the Misty Mountains.

Currently Confirmed Kills: 11
Spider of Mirkwood – 1
The Thing in the Well – 1
Misty Mountain Goblins – 6
Misty Mountain Orc – 1
Anduin Vale Yrch – 2


Attack The Darkness Dreadbow