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Even the very wise cannot see all ends


  • 2941, Third Age: Battle of the Five Armies
  • 2944, The Dwarf Vidor is captured by Goblins in the Misty Mountains and sent to Gundabad as a prisoner.
  • 2946, Spring: The Five set on from Lake Town through Mirkwood ( 1st leg, 2nd leg)
  • 2946, Summer: Into the misty mountains to rescue Dindy Brandybuck
  • 2946, TA, Autumn: Khorum, The Dog and Falco set off for Bree with Dindy
  • 2947, TA, Winter : Khorum, The Dog and Falco return from Bree with Dindy
  • 2947, TA, Winter : Fellowship rests at the Easterly Inn
  • 2947, TA, Spring : Fellowship visits the home of Beorn.
  • 2947, TA, Spring: The Battle of Stony Ford, the village is burned down.
  • 2947, TA, Summer : Fellowship rests at Easterly Inn.
  • 2947, TA, Winter : A group of elves visit the Inn, request help from the Five.
  • 2948, TA, Spring : Fellowship travels to Rosgobel.
  • 2948, TA, Summer : Fellowship travels to Mountain Hall, Dwimmerhorn and the Moot.
  • 2948, TA, Fall and Winter : Fellowship splits up to do various tasks.
  • 2949, TA Spring, Fellowship meets at the Easterly Inn and decides to investigate the news of the Giant Spiders along the Dusky River
  • 2949, TA Summer & Autumn: Fellowship goes back to the Inn to lick their wounds.
  • 2949/2950, Winter: Fellowship ventures North to the Vigulding Lands and to Eotheod to investigate rumors of a Dwarf being sold by goblins at a slave auction.
  • 2950, Spring/Summer : Fellowship returns to the Inn, with Vidor and the other rescued dwarves.
  • 2950, Autumn : Fellowship participates in the Battle of the Five armies commemoration at the Dale.
  • 2950, Winter : Fellowship holds the bridge, earning the respect of King Bard
  • 2951, Fellowship is invited to the Lonely Mountain by King Dain, ventures to the WIthered Heath to defeat the Gibbet King once and for all.
  • 2952, Fellowship clear the old Dwarf Road of various threats.
  • 2953, Spring: The fellowship travels back to Erebor with Orin and Munin, encounters the Werewolf of Mirkwood for the first and second times.
  • 2954,
  • 2955, Autumn: The Fellowship Explores the Tomb of an ancient warrior of Sauron. Galman dies saving Bifor. Bifor can no longer handle the weight of life and leaves the fellowship to wander the dark paths of Mirkwood. The rest of the year is spent in sorrow and recovery.
  • 2956, Spring: The Council of the Free Folk is held at Laketown. Bard and his wife Una narrowly escape an assasination attempt by an archer.
  • 2956, Autumn: The Company travels South to the East Bight settlement. Ceowyn dies and the settlement is abandoned. Another resounding success.
  • 2957, Spring: The company crosses Mirkwood to Black Tarn just as the settlement is being attacked by goblins. They try to track down the origin of the attacks only to encounter a Nazgûl, and are rescued by Saruman.
  • 2957, Autumn: The Company ventures with Radagast into the lair of the Spider Tulquim. Tulquim is defeated by Riddler who becomes known as Ripper. Duskwater’s soul is freed but she’s left on the brink of death.
  • 2958, Spring: Company ventures South to Tyrant’s Hill.
  • 2959, Travels from Tyrants Hill to Mountain Hall and back to Woodland Hall.
  • 2960, Spring – Khorum vote War Leader of Woodmen
  • 2960, Summer – Witch King encountered
  • 2960, summer – Travel to Rivendell with Iron Hill Dwarves
  • 2960, Late Summer – Hunt for the Olog Hai… The fellowship…falters.
  • 2960, Autumn and Winter, Fellowship reports to Elrond and then returns to Rhosgobel
  • 2961, Rescue a baby eagle in the Misty Mountains
  • 2962, Hunt for Trolls in Mirkwood, encounter the Green Dragon
  • 2963, Spring, A bandit’s wish to die in Woodland Hall is fulfilled. Lamp of Ormal discovered by the elves in Woodland Hall.
  • 2963, Autumn: Fellowship travels to King Thranduil’s Halls and is sent to fetch Ormal. The Fellowship is thereafter know as the Banes
  • 2964, Spring: The Banes travels to the Grey Delve, find the gates of Gloin
  • 2964, Autumn: The Dwarves encounter a Balrog in the Grey Delve. The surviving Dwarves and the Banes scatter.
  • 2965, Spring: The Lamp is stolen from Woodland Hall. The Banes are sent in search. The lamp is rescued by Grimfast, a Beorning and close friend of Jarwald, but most of the Banes are slain by a ringwraith. The Banes are disbanded.
  • 2965, Autumn: Bozo and Grimfast, together with a group of woodsmen, intercept a convoy of goblins and rescue their prisoners. Among them the two men of Gondor, Kordak and Brodomir.
Characters Known

The Dale & Laketown

  • Baldor – Men of the Lake
  • Belgo – Men of the Lake
  • King Bard

Amon Thranduil

  • Gollind – Elf bard at Amon Thranduil
  • King Thranduil – Elf Lord
  • Amon Thranduil Arborist – Elf
  • Lindar – Master of the Lord Thranduil’s cellars – Elf
  • Legolas – Elf ranger.
  • Imriel – Elf noble.
  • Ormal the Lampmaker

Beorning Lands & Upper Anduin Vale

  • Dody Brandybuck – The hobbit innkeeper
  • Dindy Brandybuck – Dody’s brother in law
  • Beorn – ‘King’ of the Beornings.
  • Gwaihir – Lord of the Eagles.
  • Gaethor – Great Eagle.
  • Viglund – Chief of the Viglundings (Slaver cousins of the Beornings), has a feud with Beorn.

Woodsmen and lower Vale

  • Radagast – Wizzard.
  • Banna – Woodswoman who talks to animals.
  • Hartfast – Chief at Mountain Hall, Councilmen
  • Magrick the Trapper – travels around the Gladden Fields area.
  • Ingmir Axe-Breaker – Chief of Woodland Hall and head of the Councilmen
  • Fridwald the Runner – Chief of the Woodsmen messengers, Councilmen
  • Munderick – Fridwald’s nephew
  • Ceowyn the Generous – Chief of a group that has settled the East Bight. Successfully lobbied to join the Woodsmen Folksmoot.
  • Boffrey son of Bofur – Emissary from Erebor
  • Amaliada – Chieftain of the settlement at Black Tarn. Has had to marry Mogdred as part of the arrangement with him.
  • Mogdred – Ingmir’s long-lost son. Leads a group of 400 warriors at Tyrant’s Hill. After Khorum’s departure he has been named war-chief of the Woodsmen.


  • King Dain
  • Munin – Chief Librarian
  • Ori – One of Thorin’s companions. Renowned architect and scribe.


  • The Whispering Shadow / Gibbet King: Has been talking to us in our vision and blighted Imriel’s spirit. We found it was directing the efforts of the Orcs and bandits at the Dwimmerhorn.
  • Birgol: Chief of the bandits at the Dwimmerhorn and servant of the Shadow
  • Gaur: Chief of the Orcs at the Dwimmerhorn
  • Mountain Maggots: Tribe of mountain goblins dwelling in the Misty Mountain, reluctantly serve Gaur and Birgol
  • The Werewolf of Mirkwood: He just won’t stay dead!
  • Taula the Huntress: One of the Three great spiders of Mirkwood. Extremely dangerous foe that lurks about the central parts of Mirkwood. Had two encounters with the Fellowship, one of which resulted in the death of a companion.

Locations Known

Sanctuaries – Places to spend the Fellowship Phase

Available Fellowship Undertakings

  • Sentinel Oak – Amon Thranduil
  • Open Amon Thranduil as a Sanctuary – Amon Thranduil
  • Go to the Market Pool – Lake Town
  • Collect Marsh Herbs – Lake Town
  • Open partnership at the Easterly Inn (Rank 7 Holding – Need Standing 3 with Beornings)
  • Visit a Lore Master – Various Locations
  • Establish Patron – NA
  • Increasing Standing – Various
  • Remove Shadow – Various
  • Trade at Trader’s Island
  • Attend the yearly gathering of the 5 armies
  • Commission a Smith of Anvil Way – Dale
  • Take Apprenticeship with a Dwarven Smith – Dale
  • Join the King’s Hunt – Dale
  • Offer Counsel at the Royal Court – Dale
  • Gain a Grudge – Dwarf Only
  • Pay Homage to the Ravens of Ravenhil – Erebor
  • Search the Deep Tunnels – Erebor
  • Help Compile the Erebor Index – Erebor
  • Study with a Master Craftsman – Erebor
  • Dwarven Smithing – Dwarf Only

Safe Havens – Places Safe to Rest and Recover.

  • Amon Thranduil
  • Lake Town / Esgaroth
  • The Easterly Inn
  • Erebor
  • Dale
  • Rhosgobel

-* Easterly Inn – Falco and Khorum

Hooks / Things to do

  • Finish off the Werewolf of Mirkwood.

Character Notes

Rumors Overheard

Songs of the Company

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