The Easterly Inn


A cosy place run by a hobbit from Buckland named Dody Brandybuck and his wife and two hobbit sons. Evidently, the famed Bilbo Baggins spread his tales through Bree as he journeyed Westward, home to the Shire. Meeting Dody, he offered to fund this inn.

To a travel-worn company it was a sight long looked for and for the Five this was no less the case. Sharing their tales with Dody they were warmly welcomed.

The Five found this place filled with as diverse a populace as the fellowship itself and its position very fitting to the purpose of rest (no other place known to them between Mirkwood and the Mountains or even West of the Mountains). Little time was wasted in deciding to build a sanctuary for themselves in this place on the Western verges of Mirkwood, South of the Forest Gate, and north of Rhosgobel.

After we rescued Dody’s brother-in-law Dindy, and then helped him out on a trading run to Bree, Dody offered to make us partners in the Inn.

Game information

The Inn is a potential rating 7 holding requiring one individual fellowship phase undertaking for each character who wants to open it. A valor or standing (hobbits) of 3 are required to maintain it, but this is lowered to 2 as Dody can stand in for us.

Spending subsequent fellowship phases at the Inn is not required to maintain the holding, but if we do spend a winter Fellowship phase there we can roll the feat die twice for profit from the holding.

Notable characters


  • Dody Brandybuck
    Dody is the innkeeper and founder of the Easterly Inn. A few years back in Bree, Dody shared some tales around a pint with a hobbit by the name of Bilbo. Bilbo spun a tale of dwarves, dragons, elves and great riches undiscovered, and by his second refill Dody was already making plans to travel East beyond the misty mountains. Bilbo offered to help him finance the enterprise, and soon Dody packed up with his family. A few months later, after passing the mountains, Dody found a pleasant looking spot in the Upper Vale area, and set up the Inn with his family.
  • Dindy Brandybuck
    Dody’s brother in law, Dindy helps around the inn and had been doing supply runs and across the mountains, until he was captured by goblins. After his rescue by the companions, his enthusiasm for travel has been much damped.


  • Wenverra
    Wenverra is a Beorning woman, who along with her two young daughters managed to escape the massacre at Stony Ford. She and her daughters are now helping around the inn, and are generally pleasant company despite what they have been through.
  • Maerbyn and Skolsorn
    Also survivors from Stony Ford, Maerbyn and her teenage son Skolsorn, fit in less easily, Skolsorn fell to brooding, has taken to long ranging walks, as if hunting trouble. While Maerbyn constantly fusses over her son and probably does more harm than good by doing so.

The Easterly Inn

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