Falco's Will

For Skorlson, from Falco,

Kid, I’ve asked King Bard of the Dale to get this letter to you, in case something bad happens to me. If you read this, then I’ve met my end, probably trying to defend a village not unlike your own. That’s all right. Better that way than to sit by and do nothing. Hopefully you’ll find with this letter <66.4>, along with any of my belongings that could be recovered.

You seem like a trustworthy lad with a thirst for adventure – so I’ve one request for you. You are are to travel to the Shire, then to my da’s farm, in the North Farthing on the road to the Long Cleeve – ask for Bronco Strangefoot at any place that serves ale, he’s fairly well known in these parts. You’re to give him half of the treasure, and also buy a new sled for my nephew Barco. Consider this my last will and testament – and make sure it’s a nice sled.

Everything left, including my stake at the Inn, is yours. Use it to take good care of the Inn and of your ‘ma, but don’t let her smother you. A wise man said the burned hand teaches best, but ’tis no wisdom to fear the fire for the rest of your life.


P.S. I’ve taken to carrying some seeds around on my person. If you can find my grave, you’re welcome to whatever weed grows there – I’m sure it will be a match for the best Shire leaf.

Falco's Will

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