Gollind, known as Elvis


The young elf of Mirkwood, named Gollind (but known as “Elfis” to The Five), grew up under the gloomy canopy of the Mirkwood Forest. He was born a frail child, but talented in voice and spirit. The Dog, enjoying the hospitality of the wood elves, was there the day that Gollind performed the piece that would set him apart from his brother elves.

The song (" ’ere ’i ereb" – loosely translated as “only the lonely”) was so sad, yet so deeply moving and so in tune with the harmonics of the world, that it brought his kin to a mesmerized trance – so powerful and soulful was the thing that Thranduil himself favored the singer with a golden brooch from his own collection.

The Dog was there, and received his mark in his travelling journal, an event that encouraged him to further his own attempts at musical greatness.

New hairstyle:

Gollind, known as Elvis

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