Songs of the Company

A collection of songs heard sung round the campfires and over the hills as they make their way around the wilderness of Middle Earth.

“The Watcher of the Ways” (Song, Thematic: Travelling. TN 16 to Sing)

Here’s a song for my fellows of a man lost to time
Come lift up your voices and join me in Rhyme
And sing a sweet melody to the glorious days
When there, the wild watcher, still minded the ways

Oh watcher, wild watcher, come visit the ways
Keep us all safely in our travelling days
Oh watcher, wild watcher, lift high that warm light
Send the foul shadows back into the night

The wild watcher was always found on that old road
Walking the ways with that lantern that glowed
Chasing ‘way shadows that all good-folk fear
But you knew you’d be safe ‘ere the watcher was here


Run snarkles, flee goblins and foes to the good
Cower there spiders, deep in the woods
For the watcher is coming, and he’ll give you a fright
With his lantern in hand, cutting through the night


Though the watcher has passed, his memory still stays
The brave champion that guarded the ways
But should you e’er need him, just sing this old song
And through the dark ways, he’ll come right along!

“My Brother has no beard”
(Not yet penned, TN Pending)

Don’t go telling father,
It’s worse than we ever feared.
Well we’ll never hear the end of it
My brother has no beard!

Rounded up by ruffians
Bandits in a cave
They tied him down and laughed the while
His beard they went and shaved!

My brother, oh brother – how can you face yourself?
My brother, oh brother – you look just like an elf!

Don’t go telling mother,
I don’t think she should hear
We’ll never live it down, I think
My brother won’t drink beer!

In every bar and tavern
The word has gotten out,
My doughty little brother
Is as dry as a summer drought!

My brother, oh brother – for a dwarf it doesn’t suit
My brother, oh brother – to drink the juice of fruit!

“Falco’s Reel”
(TN Pending)
Give me gold coins for my pocket,
And some mead to fill my glass
Give me gold coins for my lady,
For she’s a spritely little lass

Give me gold coins for the fallen,
And I’ll set them all to rest
Give me gold coins for those still fighting,
I’ll give them all my best.

Give me gold coins for my company,
They’re all the friends I need.
But if you’ve no coins to give me,
I’ll take some more pipeweed!

Put Another One Down
(Thematic: Drinking your troubles away song)

The shadow is a’rising and all around us fear
That if we don’t do nothing, we won’t make it past this year
So I’m standing here t’ ask you, if your troubles were like beer
What would you do?

Put another one down! Another one down! Another one down!

Spiders, goblins, orc-men – worgs and worse, I spy
The shadow’s host is endless, it’s enough to make ye cry
But I hold my cup and task you, if your enemies were like whiskey rye
What would you do?

Put another one down! Another one down! Another one down!

Dog has gone and lost it, The captain’s laid at rest
Falco’s getting fatter and the others can attest
The company’s seen better days, but our work’s not through
So I beg and plead good friends, treat your troubles like your brew…

Put another one down! Another one down! Another one down!

Songs of the Company

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